Why you should stop cramming for exams

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You should stop cramming for exams. Why? It makes you tired before your exam because your brain is under stress. Read on for my alternative.

Cramming for an exam is staying up late with all the facts that you need for the exam the next day. However well this might work for your exam you are likely to quickly forget all knowledge that you cram in the night before. If you are unlikely you will forget it before the exam starts. You will also have put your mind under stress, which is not a good way to go into an exam.

Share your learning; learn with friends, with family and with tutors. Remember that learning should be enjoyable!

The best way to learn is when you are calm and at peace. And take your time! At Ipswich Tuition we try to spread all learning over months and years so that you can take your time to learn new things, and so that the knowledge stays with you long beyond your exams. Trust us, we're experienced tutors and learners! Organise your learning throughout the year, including small revision sessions to give the brain another chance to absorb the knowledge. But most of all stay calm and enjoy your learning; you will get so much more from your exams.

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