45 minutes: The Ideal Length

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Even longer! Our tutorials are now 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes. We are always trying to provide the best value for money we can. 45 minutes is ideal to provide quality tuition.

When I started Ipswich Online Tuition in April 2020 I wasn't sure how long our tutorials should be, so we have been advertising 30 minutes on our website to make sure that customers don't expect too long. We are happy to announce that our tutorials are now 45 minutes long!

As a parent or a student it's often easy to forget that tutors can spend a lot of time preparing a lesson and marking that you don't see. Every tutorial that you buy will be a minimum of one hours work for our tutor.

45 minutes also gives our tutors time to have a quick cup of tea in between students. A quick break is vital in a busy day. But wherever possible we will always give you the best possible value for your money!

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