What You Don't See: The Other Side of the Webcam!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

What's on the other side of the webcam? Most of my students are well used to seeing my spare room over my shoulder when we chat, but here is an internet first: The workstation on the other side of the camera!

OK, so my style is never that tidy... But I'm always going for high quality and functional and comfortable. Always a cup of tea on the go. Two good quality screens and machines. Lovely aloe vera plant (always having babies). You can see a calculator popping out from beneath my notebook, which itself holds all of my lesson notes so I know what to teach from one student to another. Mints on the mantlepiece in case I need a little reinvigorating.

Welcome to Ipswich Online Tuition! Yes I know it looks like a lot like my spare room... But offices are so 2019, don't you think? The serious point to this blog is that everything changed when my office closed in March 2020 after the COVID-19 outbreak. Working from home is a new reality for us all. I took some equipment home from my office, moved all the laundry drying in the spare room and set up Ipswich Online Tuition. We are a small outfit of professional staff working from home, and we are all characterful!

Where is your workstation? What does it look like? Get in touch on Facebook or by email! I always like to hear from you!

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